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By the Grace of the Gods 2 Review

By the Grace of the Gods 2 Review

Continuing his adventure in Seilfall, Ryoma sets his sights higher. Opening a second shop, creating new items to help people, and researching slimes. Here is our By the Grace of the Gods 2 Review.

This season aired in the Winter 2023 anime season. By The Grace of the Gods was animated by Maho Film, also known for In the Land of Leadale and I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss.

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Picking up from the end of the first season, Ryoma continues his work researching slimes and running his business. While Eliaria Jamil is hard at work getting ready for her studies, she communicates with Ryoma and still helps push him in the right direction. Although separated by distance, the bond formed between them can’t be broken easily.

Shortly into this season, Ryoma comes to the conclusion that a second shop is needed, and so he sets off to the nearby town of Lenaf. Once there he meets with the merchant guild member, Pioro, who helps Ryoma set up shop. While Ryoma waits for his staff to make it to Lenaf from Gimul he decides to make the essentials for the shop and complete some adventurer contracts. Unfortunately, there are not many at Ryoma’s rank and he inevitably gets pulled into a conflict with a hunting target that has been terrorizing the town, a Smash boar.

As Ryoma advances and journeys he learns of more people who were transferred to this new world and the legacy they left behind. The season might be 12 episodes, but it feels like the episodes pass at a faster pace than the first season, and come to the conclusion of episode 12 you are left wanting more.

Character Development:

This season revolves around Ryoma and his adventure, and Eliaria is pushed to the sidelines and is supporting via letters. His main developments shown are in leaps and bounds helping where he can and developing his own skills and abilities through his actions. That being said Eliaria does show some small developments in the ways of her ability to unite and unify her classmates.

The other characters who change are the members of the adventurers guild who reoccur around the city. In the previous season, they were not that prominent, but without the attention being split so much between Eliaria and Ryoma they are moved into the missing dynamic. Mostly Ryoma gains insight from them as peers.


To conclude, the second season is just as good as the first, both characters and story work well and nothing seems out of place. Seeing Ryoma develop more is entertaining to watch and his trips to the godly realm are more interesting. The crowning moment of this season is probably when he solves the problems around his main store, and creates the musical item, Music Box.

Really his good parts are when he transforms Seilfall’s resources into things that he knew about on Earth. Stuff like using Smash Boar meat as Pork, which is interesting.

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