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Gabriel DropOut Review

Gabriel DropOut Review

Gabriel DropOut is about Gabriel, an angel send to earth school to learn more about how humans do their things. She is sent with her friend and meets 2 demons who also become her friend. Here is our full Gabriel DropOut Review!

The anime was released in the Winter 2017 season with 2 OVA specials that came out straight after the anime ended. Gabriel DropOut was animated by Doga Kobo and based on the manga of the same name. Doga Kobo is also known for anime like Umaru-Chan and Mangirl.

While Gabriel Dropout isn’t much of a stand-out anime in its visuals, the slice of live type story where nothing really happens was great for this. Every episode felt like its own thing you could just jump into after having seen only the 1st episode, because not much actually happens other than their daily school shenanigans.

Something I noticed straight away was Satanichia’s voice, it was similar and recognizable like I’d heard it in a more recent anime, and after some searching, I found out it was the same voice actress as Jahy-Sama! This instantly gave Gabriel Dropout some plus points in my book because I absolutely loved that voice.

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The characters are honestly just fine, they don’t stand out much other than Gabriel, but she is just and more adult/mature version of Umaru-chan. At most times she wasn’t actually even the main focus of the anime, it focused more on the 2 demons and they definitely had the better part in it.

Personally, I wished they used the angel/demon part more of the anime, it just felt like an added gimmick that was used a handful of times in the early episodes but got shafted later on and only used it as a way to explain the more bizarre situations they got in. We never really got to see any growth or any type of longer arc other than Gabriel’s sister coming along, but that also felt kinda short, just like the underused underclass character that felt like it would have gotten a bigger part.

If you do want to continue the series you can because the manga is still being released at the time of writing. Want to read more reviews? Check out our Review Tab. Please let us know what you think about the anime below.


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