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Mob Psycho 100 II Review

Mob Psycho 100 II Review

Mob Psycho 100 II follows mob a bit after the end of season 2 where new and returning foes arise and new and awesome powers get shown. Here is our full Mob Psycho 100 II Review.

The anime was released in the Winter 2019 season with a side story that came out later in the year. Mob Psycho 100 II was animated by Bones and based on the manga of the same name by ONE.

I absolutely hated Mob Psycho season 1 and was not looking forward to continuing watching because I didn’t see the hype. That all changed with this action-packed season filled with fun minor stories and 1 major villain that actually felt like he was evil.

The story picks up a bit after season 1 where they defeated the Scars of claw, something that gets picked back up later in the season and kinda feels like a copy-paste of the final few episodes of season 1 but even better. The ending few episodes were the only ones I really liked, but in this season they dialed it up to 11 (or 100 if you wanna stick on theme) and blew me away with new villains, friends, and returning characters I didn’t really expect to see again.

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I hated the weird experimental visuals of the 1st season, it felt out of place and interrupting, they kinda fixed it here but the visuals still felt like it was lacking at points. But not every time, because 1 thing never failed to impress me, and those were the visuals of the fights. Every battle felt unique when Mob got matched up with someone new, in shows like Attack on Titan, a lot of the fights feel the same because they kinda battle the same thing over and over again. While that is kinda the case here as well, they managed to give every character its own set of visual styles that were perfect for how the world was built and the character’s place in that world.

1 thing I didn’t like was the polarity of Reigen, at times he could be the worst and most annoying character, but in some episodes, he really took center stage, even over Mob. This was especially the case after the episode where he kinda insulted Mob. Mob distanced himself from Reigen and while it showed a lot of growth in Mob, it also showed both the viewers but also Reigen himself what an annoying and unpleasant guy he was to be around.

Characters finally feel like they are growing and I was kinda happy that his little brother didn’t get as much screen time as last season because his arc was one of the reasons I rated last season so low, he wasn’t something that actually resonated with me or felt like I should care other than that he was the little brother. A character I did wanna see more of was Teruki. In the previous season, he could be a bit annoying as well, but in this season he seemed smart, he took control of situations and fights and actually made a difference to the outcomes in a cool way.

For some characters, I missed some back story, like the son of the big bad, Shou. In season 1 he showed up and seemed like he was going to be the big bad, even when he 1st showed up this season. That totally shifted like 5 minutes later. While it was a nice and unexpected twist, I wanted to know more about why he does what he does and how he collected his team, because some of the villains did actually mention some of the attacks and how they were surprised by them but didn’t actually go in on it anymore. Some of the basics got explained about Shou, it felt a bit empty, and randomly put in at a moment lessened the impact and would build the big bad up earlier instead of at the last moment.

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