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Mob Psycho 100 III Review

Mob Psycho 100 III Review

Mob is back for a 3rd and possibly final time. This season serves as an epilogue to season 2 and ties up all the loose ends the 1st season had. Here is our Mob Psycho 100 III Review.

The anime was released in the Fall 2022 season and is currently the final season of the anime to release. Mob Psycho 100 III was animated by Bones and based on the manga of the same name by ONE.

This season feels like a big epilogue, but it just isn’t very good. Everything feels like it’s dragged out to tie up all the loose ends, but a lot of the loose ends didn’t feel like it was that interesting, like the Psycho-Helmet arc, the concept was there, but it just felt way too long, other than the ending, it just was a bit boring and felt like it went on for ages. This is my problem with this whole season, everything felt like it could have been quicker and the way they did it now to extend it to 12 episodes felt like it hurt the show more than it did any good.

Right away from episode 1, I felt like Mob has autism, it felt weirdly relatable how he acts with making choices, and things from seasons 1 and 2 also kinda clicked with me. I felt a better connection to the character because of it. For me, this was a nice thing because it made the character feel a lot deeper and made me appreciate him more.

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My favorite part of this season was the Telepathy club arc, it just felt more like a slice-of-life bit that was way more in line with an epilogue. It’s just something fun all the characters were going to do and while it was unexpected and strange to see what happened, it still felt like it was on brand for the show to happen in some weird way. Specifically, this kinda makes me wanna see more seasons as a slice-of-life spin-off, just them doing everyday things, or not so every day, but without the big bad.

Someone I really wanted to see return was the teleport guy, felt like we didn’t see the end of him in season 2 but I guess not. Some of the characters that returned just felt kinda random at times, like the guy that could control plants and 2 of the Claw guys. I loved seeing them, but it was just a bit random due to the pool of all characters that are actually there.

Was this season the worst? No, the 1st season felt a lot worse, but in the end, this season just felt like it was not needed, there was just too much extra content that makes this season feel like it was an afterthought. The ending of the season left me just a bit empty. The big bad of season 2 was already amazing and should have been the final big bad for Mob, but how they tackled this season’s “big bad” just was not that interesting and felt like it should not have happened.

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  1. I disagree.
    If the series ended if season 2 it would have ended with things being un resolved.

    You said the plant guy from claw showing up is random but it’s not, wanting the teleport guy to return would be more random. Mob did a favor for the plant guy in the pervious season so now that plant guy did a favor in return.

    Not every series needs to end with a main character defeating a big bad. The show started with mob saying his goal was to improve himself and this goal all started with Tsubomi so the series needed to end with mob actually attempting to ask her out. It didn’t start with claw.

    In season 1 and 2 we saw the ???% that was hinted to be something else, the reason Ritsu was afraid of mob in the 1st place. That wasn’t answered in season 1 or 2.

    Dimple said what is dream was in the beginning but we didn’t see him attempt that dream till now.

    The season was needed because it’s literally the end of the whole story and of mob’s journey not a epilogue. The epilogue is the 6 month time skip where Reigen finally gets to celebrate his birthday with someone other than himself and mob laughing for the 1st time.


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