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Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Review

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Review

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure follows the character of the same name on their adventure in a soon-to-be-closed theme park where they meet new friends. Here is our full Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Review.

The anime was released in the Summer 2022 anime season on Netflix. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure is animated by dwarf Studio and produced by Netflix.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure takes place somewhere after Rilakkuma and Kaoru, with many of the questions of that season kinda still left unanswered, but all the main characters are returning to this fun adventure in a theme park that Rilakkuma had won.

Unlike season 1, this season tells an actual story over all 8 episodes, something that is a nice improvement and one of the things that I didn’t like about the 1st season. Actually, everything I hated in season 1 is fully resolved here with the season focussing mostly on Rilakkuma’s group while Kaoru was off kind of doing her own thing with a lot less screen time.

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An issue I had with the 1st season is that the human characters all had this creepy look to them. Happy to say that in this season, every character had a much more welcoming look to them, and even Kaoru seemed to have had a slight visual upgrade that made her look a lot more welcome.

I love all the new characters that they introduced and that they were not just a 1 and done type of thing. Every new character felt like an important part of the story and was a very welcome addition to the already fun cast of characters. While I was looking for my favorite new character I honestly can’t really pick one, all of them had their own story that was being told over 2/3 episodes and all just were perfect.

The background visually was still very stunning, but with more random characters in the background it did kinda feel off at times when they didn’t move and were just still like puppets, and I know that they are puppets and it’s a stop motion but sometimes when my eyes wandered off to the background it did have a weird dystopian feel to it.

During the part where they introduced the gamer girl, my mind was completely blown away by the animation. They would use actual animation for the backgrounds and the outfits they had were just epic. At times to do a flashback they would turn to actual animation for the whole thing and I think it perfectly showed that it was in the past without actually saying it and felt like a welcome addition and made up for the things that got reduced in quality with the stop motion by a lot.

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