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Tokyo 24th Ward Review

Tokyo 24th Ward Review

Tokyo 24th Ward focuses on 3 friends, Shu, Ran, and Kouki. Their friend and Kouki’s sister, Asumi, passed away during a fire in a school building, and ever since then, they lost contact. But during a weird phone call from Asumi, they reconnect and get tasked to solve a trolley problem, but in reality. To help them, Asumi gives them superpowers, but the 3 friends are not always on the same page with their ways to solve problems. Here is our full Tokyo 24th Ward Review.

The anime was released in the Winter 2022 season. Tokyo 24th Ward was animated by CloverWorks, also known for SpyXFamily, My Dress-Up Darling, and BOCCHI THE ROCK!

I wish I had a lot to say about this anime, but I don’t. Most of the time they didn’t give me a reason to care about the story or the characters in any way, specifically the green-haired guy, Kouki, he was just a bit annoying and was more a force against the right way than actually helping out, even though he thought he was.

For some reason I didn’t care about any of the 2 other main characters, Shu is the one that is only interesting and the green guy is just annoying. Ran had a few things going for him and was at times nice to follow his story, but at times it felt like he went against his own views just to stir the pot in the world, something that was needed, but in the end, it wasn’t even his own idea.

The world has a pretty interesting premise, but due to minimal world-building it felt flat, we are dropped in a world but don’t really get told much about it while it differs a lot from reality. Somewhere near the end we suddenly find out it’s an island, something that has 0 mentions before that. The way they did the storytelling made it seem like this was a sequel to something, a season 2 where we are already known with the world, but we aren’t.

In the end, it failed to really get me to care about most things and even the season finale due to how complicated they made it. I had no idea what was going on or what they are talking about due to how technical they made it sound. Something that randomly comes up during the last few episodes. I loved the first few episodes because it was a lot simpler, they get presented with a problem and 2 ways to solve it, pick one (or do something completely different), and get the best outcome, easy as that. But after the trolley problems stopped, the show took its most interesting part away.

I still enjoyed watching non the less, but I was just hoping for more of the early episodes so don’t let all the negative talk put you away from it, because it’s still worth watching. The main-main character Shu had the most interesting story of everything, it was just fun following him around and trying to figure out how he was going to fix everything and come up with the best outcomes.

The visuals are really crisp and nice, but at times it felt like it was missing something and still felt simplistic, mainly with the background. But those face shots? absolute perfection and extremely detailed.

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